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gallon "12 dollars per gallon will be a turning point in america. they will move out of the exurbs and move to higher-density, walkable communities." for some, leaving the single family home in the sububs for a more tightly packed apartment building may mark the end of the american dream. but steiner sees things differently. "the american dream is really about happiness. that isn't going to change. people will be surprise by how easily they can adapt from a single family home to sharing two walls in a town home." $14 per gallon at 14 dollars a gallon, steiner forecasts an end to big box stores like target and walmart. "when gas prices go pas $14 a gallon, the walmart model built on the price of cheap gas, the only reason it works because of cheap oil, will not be tenable." 80 percent of wal-mart's suppliers are from china and wal-mart by itself is china's sixth largest trading partner. the store imports goods from across the pacific on giant container ships powered by cheap gasoline. everything from kitchen utensils to sporting goods then makes its way across the country on a n
think america owes them. >> now, in fairness, the book also offers other ideas and statements for veterans to consider. let's put those on the screen. my life should be prolonged as long as it can no matter what its quality and using any means possible. and then there's this. i believe that it is always wrong to withhold, not start, treatments that could keep me alive. mr. towey, aren't both sides presented? >> there are lines like that in the book, but a fair reading of the book, just looking at the cases they give as examples, where the woman that has the stroke that says i don't want to live if i can't take care of myself and then when you look in the back of the book, chris, who do they refer you to? the 2007 edition said go to compassion choices. that's the hemlock society. the 1997 version referred you to an organization that was the american euthanasia society. i think the bias of the document's clear. why would americans be given such a poor document, a poor planning tool on a subject so important? >> we need to point out that those references which were in the '97 edi
approved health care. this is not the america we know. >> it is less than 1 percent of the wealthiest people in the united states that would be taxed and that's at 1 percent tax. >> house democrats will try to convince america that the current bill will cover millions in controlled costs. republicans meantime will paint it as a job killer. >> meanwhile, massive spend control from the white house tonight. after economists hit the sunday talk show circuit yesterday. treasury secretary tim gite '94 and larry summers suggested a tax increase on the middle class was possible to offset the massive deficit. >> i don't think any economist would believe that, in the environment that we are in. raising taxes on middle class families would make any sense. and the president agrees. >> the president defines middle class as families making less than $250,000 a year. >> while congress haggles over health care more americans are happy with health care the way it is. a poll shows 48 percent of americans say the health care system is good or on excellent. that's up from 35 percent from just may. govern
and church field road. >> this is america. >> there is a townhall meeting without townhall. >> i have a petition behind me. >> at least 100 people, many of them with local conservative groups, including the belair tea party coalition, speaking out against health care reform that is working the way through congress. >> the federal government cannot handle medicare, they cannot handle social security, what makes them think they can now start handling the health care. >> the crowd gathered outside of congressman kratovil's local office. >> he looked like he would vote for obama. >> kratovil is drawing attention for some protests he has drawn at some townhall meetings. he is not here now. a spokesman said he is out of the country on official business. but the pickets and protests are here. >> we don't need our government doing anything for us. thank you very much. win the war. print the money. stay out of our face. >> happy motorists blow their horns in support of the program. not every passing car is a vote against the president's plan. >> yeah, because i support the president. >> what o
. >> but is this demonstration unamerican? >> no. this is america. i am being patriotic and standing up for our rights. >> that's what america is all about. >> recently some top democrat leaders like nancy pelosi has been quoted as calling the protests unamerican. maryland congressman elijah cummings agrees. >> drowning out people that really want to hear discussion. and people that want to talk about their issues, their problems. and that is unamerican. >> but no one here, not even those that support obama's plan, seem to like that. >> absolutely not. i think protesting is very american. >> no, it is very american. this is what being an american is about. >> many who came today were angry they could not get inside the townhall meeting. they question why it wasn't held in a larger venue. and many said they feel the only way they can be heard is through protests. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, tell your lawmaker what you think about health care reform. we are making it easy for you. their phone numbers and e-mail addresses on our website. voice. >> and we want to know what
, that is unamerican. >> no, this is american. >> i'm standing up for my rights. >> what is what america is all about. >> reporter: they want to stress how important this decision is for america after o. they say the healthcare decisions we make right now will affect generations yet to be born. when it comes to this passion, we could see it continue tomorrow night when the next meeting is with the senator at hagerstown. i'm joel d smith, fox 45 mornig news. >>> across the country the same continues. our team coverage continues with megan gilliland who joins us with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. lawmakers are saying this is one the biggest pieces of legislation we will see in our lifetime, reform that will touch everybody in some shape or form. because of that we're seeing the widespread concern, not just here in maryland but at every town hall meeting across the country. in iowa, a heated discussion ignited over the wait a second at a town hall meeting. the crowd was so big it was spilling into the hallway. people backing the proposal asked those against it t
was essentially saying was that president obama continues to take america off its war footing. it started after he got into office, announced he was going to close gitmo, move the terrorists out of military tribunals. you couldn't say war on terror. now this week two more decisions. one to possibly prosecute cia agents and two is this idea to form this nebulous interagency unit, run out of the white house, that's going to be in charge of interrogating high value detainees. all of these decisions are part of a continuum which is to take america off its war footing. it erects the walls between the fbi and cia which bush and cheney had torn down and rolls back the authority of the cia which is exactly the opposite of what the bush and cheney folks did in the wake of 9/11. >> mara, i want to go back to this question about the effectiveness of the enhanced interrogation. bill is right. the record is that khalid shaikh mohammed was not cooperative. he was water boarded 183 pounds. he started singing like a canary. can you draw conclusions? >> the thing that's impossible for the opponents of these techni
went to a lot of college campuses bank of america and i have partnered up and were talking to kids about how their of fordham college and we talked a lot here about finding a loan find a way but the common denominator among students that i interviewed who seem to really get it are necessarily students who are getting full scholarships but they're finding it way to circumvent the debt trap because they're talking to mom and dad about money. mom and dad make money does on ago went to college and you can actually find the video clips that bankamerica o t r you see firsthand how students are actually saving and the kinds of conversations they're having with moms and dads. year to date is done about $11 billion in consumer loans part of that is money that is directed toward students in college loans for the market was bankamerica activity the talk about spending the money once we get the money from banks and public lenders and private lenders the fact of the matter raised you have to stretch those dollars so and college. one of the biggest missed is that he can save a college frankly ye
producers in the america, pilgrim's pride, a few miles outside of my congressional district, they had to declare chapter 11. maybe we should have a cash for cluckers program and pay people to eat chicken. >> it's not clear yet just how many new cars have been sold under the cash for clunkers program. the obama administration says it will continue to find a way to keep it running. a white house spokesman says the government will honor all new qualified cars sold over the weekend. >>> unemployment and foreclosure rates can cross racial lines, they do remain hire for minorities, both african-americans and hispanics. they also saw a higher proportion of subprime mortgage during the boom. >> nice to see, sir, ray khouchaba. you have been surveying minority groups in a number of urban areas, how are you sensing they are approaching this economy? >> well, tom, we're seeing three things. first of all an increase in optimism amongst these groups. first. second, much greater focus amongst african-american and hispanic communities on what they are spending their dollars on. third and probably mo
is going overseas for profits. the sharp rally in stocks was sparked in march as bank of america and citi has a couple of good months. now in the second quarter, it's asia that has fueled their finances. for bank of was the powerhouse in the second quarter, bringing in almost $3- point-6 billion in profits. b of a lost $205 million in its home market. over at citigroup, asia was responsible for more than a third of its second quarter net income. as the u-s banking business continues to be bitten by fear, sinking real estate values and a penny pinching consumer, that business is looking for asia to make up the slack. one more item a long time federal employee is now eligible for social security. smokey the bear is 65 years old....and still putting out forest fires.
the second time so you think you can dance history a female takes home the title. >> america's favorite dancer is jeaneine. >>reporter: ryan pauses just a little bit longer. do you ever notice. that after millions of votes jeaneine named america favorite dancer last night and we spoke with her this morning as she realizes this a huge leap towards successful career and she's ready to do to work. >> that's my new goal. just represent dance well and myself and the competition and the season. i don't know. i feel in so blessed to be here. so i'm ready for this title and i'm ready for this honor and eem going to work as hard as i can to represent it well. >>reporter: season 6 of sow think you can dance premiers wednesday september 9 at 8:00 p.m. right here, of course, on fox 45. >>> one constant the ravens have had since their inaugural season noise longer there. here from john harbaugh what could be mat stover possible replacement coming up next in sports. >> [ female announcer ] new swiffer wet mopping cloths clean so deep...'s like your old mop's worst nightmare. ♪ [ thund
digs. >> senator kennedy one of the most influential u.s. senators in america's history died after battling brain cancer. considered the lion of the senate. champion of the people. jennifer davis has the latest from washington d.c. >> tribute for senator edward kennedy pouring in, not just from bib balances but some political foes that called him a friend. >> with flags around washington, flying at half staff. and senator edward kennedy capitol hill office empty. lawmakers traded in politics for personal stories about the passing of the revered elderly states man. >> for decades to come history will talk about his accomplishments and the difference he made in public policy. for me i lost my best friend in the senate. great friend. >> kennedy was diagnosed with a brain tumor last may. and president said even though everyone knew the day was coming, it is heartbreaking to lose a colleague, councilor and friend. >> for his family, he was a guardian. for america, he was defender of a dream. >> during his nearly 50 years in the senate. kennedy a liberal democrat served alongside 10 pres
.5% tax if they don't have government approved health care. i mean, this is not the america we know. and the problem is not just with insurance. in fact, a lot of americans are happy with it. we need to do a lot of things to make it work better. but a government takeover is going to work just like the cash for clunkers program, chris. >> we're going to get to that as well. congressman rangel, please respond to that, about the high tax rate, the top tax rate in your plan as well as the fact that according to independent studies, 2/3 of small business profits would be hit by the surtax. >> 96% of small businesses would not be hurt by this tax. it's less than 1% of the wealthiest people in the united states that would be taxed and that's at a 1% tax. there's just no question that the way that they're talking about paying for it that they don't take in consideration the cap that we're going to have on premiums. they don't take into consideration the number of people that have no insurance now that can walk into any hospital, any doctor's office and be fully insured. they don't take the
services in latin america and the caribbean. >> i went down there, and i made a difference. and every single one of those people on that ship feels that. >> nelson clark was acting command master chief on board where they conducted 1700 surgeries. he was dropped off in norfolk because of an injury. >> we treated about 109,000 patients. >> he says the journey was long, and hard. >> haiti was probably one of the roughest that we saw. but every country we saw great progress, great strides being made. and our people helped do that. >> but he says the most difficult part of the journey was being away from his wife and two teenage boys. >> it is more difficult because sometimes dad needs to be the one to kind of mentor, and dad is not there. and it is hard. it is hard. >> so finally the wait is over. and the nearly 200 navy medical personnel and almost 100 civilians arrive. >> i am waiting for christie. >> robert lunaed he and christie have been best years for years. but this bff has a surprise waiting for her. >> the uso girls said what if she said yes and that gave me a ring with lip glos
. and i think this is what america needs to get back to. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> senator cardin admits he does not take the outburst personally. see more from the townhall meeting today. go to"raw news". >> and if senator cardin found out many protesting health care reform are concerned about the cost of reform. those feelings run across the country. recent poll shows most people do not believe president obama will keep his promise of passing health care reform without adding to the deficit. that poll also asks which was more concerning failing to overhaul health care or adding to the deficit. most said adding to the deficit was the bigger concern. that brings us to the question of the day. should the health care plan be scraped if it adds to the deficit? so far, 75 percent say yes. while 25 percent say no. james from baltimore writes. if we scraped everything that added to the deficit, what would we have? but thomas from middle river writes. we cannot afford it anymore than we could afford the bailout. we will have more responses coming up on the "late
e-mail list over at the dnc called organize america, to be criticizing citizens for being organized. frankly, the truth of the matter is, we don't know who's organized and who isn't. the point is, the issue, the substance. they need to deal with it. americans are concerned about it. i suspect lot of these people, chris, are elderly people who are concerned about half a trillion dollar cut in medicare to pay, not to make medicare sustainable, but to start a new program for other citizens. >> let me show you, and let's put up on the screen some of these town hall meetings. because, they've been pretty impassioned. from what you've seen, you haven't had any yet, but you watched them on tv. have some of the protesters gone over the line? when you read some organizers give people instruction, stand up and shout, rattle the members of congress. should they back off? >> look, i don't think either side ought to be trying to engage in disrupting meetings. either the democratic side or the republican side. we ought to focus on the issue. and to demonize citizens who are energetic about this s
provided health insurance already. >> the obama plan is bad more me and for bad more america. >> reporter: the senator carter's meeting tonight is expected to be just as heated add groups on both sides of the debate rally their troops. >> i suspect a lot of people will come and can't get in but at least they can there with a sign of what they care about. >> reporter: the meeting begins at 7:00 at towson university. again only the first 500 people will get in. signs and political banners will not be allowed inside and outside the sidewalks are expected to be full with people making their opinions known. >>> as you heard steve thengs in this morning, get ready for a scorcher of the a day. they have issued a red care alert. if you don't have ac, for the first time the city taking an extra step to make sure you can still stay coop today. joel d smith is at the inner harbor. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. if you are going to be out, this is the time to be out this morning. those folks are wearing short shirts, a good hint. there will be cooling stations because the temperatures won't l
america. while most eyes are on washington, and rightly so as efforts on health care, economic recovery and climate change are fast and furious, there are also huge changes coming from state and local governments. thanks to the recession, the changes are not going to be pleasant either. an ag state researcher outlined how budget cuts will decrease personnel and be even worse next year. unfortunately, iowa is in relatively good shape compared to states like california and illinois levels get started with the news and al pell. >> thanks, john. good morning, everybody. for generations, corncobs in stover simply blew out of the combine to get pild tild into the soil. now the federal government may pay you to collect it for renewable energy. biomass like corncobs is part of the next wave of biofuel production. some companies are already using plant material other than grain to make ethanol. this week, the ag department announced the biass crop assistant pro -- assistance program called b-cap. they say conversion facilities can now register for the program which includes biomass waste from fa
can see mostly going to see a lot more hectares being planted in south america for sure. >> okay. >> and, you know, this one bushel differential between now and, you know, let's get into the second week of september if we get three good rains between now and then and no frost and i think you can add a bushel or you can take a bushel off. i mean that's going to make a dollar one way or the dollar. exactly on target on the wheat. the wheat has been making new lows here about three out of the last five days. you know, it's pathetic. and corn, i am on the page that you could -- you could end up both with about 165 yield on corn. history, you know, it is going to be on my side at least percentage-wise. >> right. >> you know, there was a lot of holes in them fields in 2004. i know it was planted early but only about 15% of that crop was plant today triple stack versus 85 today. so, i mean, we do not know really what the potential on the high end on this corn really is. >> well, you know if you used 2004 weather in the early planting. >> yes. >> those yields today would have probably be
. for america, he was the defender of a team. >> during his nearly 50 years in the senate, kennedy a liberal democrat, served alongside ten presidents including his brother, john kennedy. he had a record of healthcare, civil rights, immigration, healthcare and more. the president fought back tears remembering the man he served with for decades. >> every important event in my adult life, as i look back this morning and talk to vicki, every single one, he was there. >> even kennedy's political polar opposite. people like warren hatch expressed sorrow at the passing of a lawmaker known to reach across the aisle no build political consensus an personal friendship. >> i will mitt him greatly. he knows. that his family knows that. >> kennedy will be buried at arlington national s cemetery near his two brothers. kennedy is not expected to lie in state at the u.s. capitol. instead he will lie in repose at the j.f.k. presidential library then a funeral at a boston church. >> his sister, eunice kennedy shriver, lived in potomac until her death less than three weeks ago. kennedy's niece, was maryland's
puts a pricetag on the proposals as they exist on capital hill and the news is not good for america's employers. under the mandate, which would require them to offer health insurance to their employees or pay a tax to the federal government, the study shows the mandates will cost employers at least $49 billion a year, putting $5.two million workers at risk of unemployment or drastically-reduced work hours. employees will face stunted wages and the loss of their benefits as employers try to find ways to fund. reform support rz say under the current system, every day thousands are already losing their health insurance coverage or jobs because the enormous cost. >> we need to think about how to make the system more efficient, how it is protecting jobs. that's exactly what health reform will do. >>reporter: today deputy whitehouse press secretary bill burton took that a step further, saying without reform, the entire u.s. economy faces ruin. >> if we don't do something, not only is health caregoing to be in crisis, but the deficit will -- we will not be on a fiscally-sustainable pat
energy source in america and in the world. we can't keep going on like we are going on here with the use of fossil fuel. >> the new initiative commits baltimore city to reduce energy use and greenhouse gasses by 15% in the year 2015. >> is organic really better? coming up in tonight's health check, why one group of scientists says it's not. >> it was an amazing adventure. >> and the winner of, "so you think you can dance", is back home. how she >> in health check, a report shows new moms are getting older. report says the number of women 35 or older giving birth for the first time increased dramatically over the last 40 years. in 2006 one of every 12 firstborn babies had mothers who were older than 35. back in 1970, only one out after hundred firstborn babies had moms over 35. >>> research shows organic food may not be better than conventional food after all. scientists in london found the differences in nutrition aren't large enough to have a significant effect. the only changes sound between the foods were from different fertilizers used and just how ripe they were when they were harve
the meeting began. >> this is america. >>reporter: passion. turn to protest. >> people here that represent radical group. this is so wrong. people who represent a group over here that are supporters of every democratic initiative. i think the majority of americans do support this. >>reporter: the doe bait has turned the most unlikely of voters into protestors. >> president obama has made health care his top priority. >>reporter: inside senator ben card was heckled and engineered. during an hour and a half town meeting devoted to health care reform. >> i want to make sure everybody understands where we are today. that's why we need reform. >> how can you democrat support such a costly irresponsible national health care insurance. >>reporter: the doctor first to ask a question at monday meeting says the meeting may have served a valuable purpose. >> i think it may have served as a release valve because a lot of people who went there very upset. i thought that he answered a lot of their questions directly. i think it shows a certain courage on his part. >>reporter: jeff reporting.
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is very american. >> that's what america is all about. >> even those that we talked to that support obama's plan said they did not think that protesting was unamerican. >> that brings us to the question of the day. do you think some of the health care protests are unamerican? so far 20 percent of you say yes. and 80 percent say no. mike from columbia writes. it is not so much the protests as the violence. the misinformation and threatening to kill politicians, if they don't vote a certain way. but nat from reisterstown writes, on the contrary it is very american to protest. that's one of the reasons we live in america and have a constitution. to read more responses go to and click on our question of the day. >> and you can make your voice heard. tell your elected officials what think think of the health care reform. get their phone numbers and e-mail addresses by log onto voice. >> today's steamy summer weather brought us some strong storms tonight. and left behind serious damage. this is the scene in north baltimore where a tree ended up on top of a
in the spotlight. what was closest a thing to a royal family america has ever known. he was elected a senator in 1962 after his brother vacated the seat to run for president. he won but was assassinated in 1963. teddy had his own presidential aspirations in 1980, but he eventually gave way to incumbent jimmy carter. ted kennedy made his mark in the senate as a liberal champion in three decades. the children's health insurance programs, and 1990s american with disabilities act. >> the reason he has accomplished more than any of the others who were there. the reason that he has been able to help deliver voting rights and immigration rights and helped people who are vulnerable is because he fights. >> reporter: as strongs' was politically, his personal life made just as many headlights. he was often portrayed as a drinker. if 1969 he drove off a bridge killing his passenger mary joe pateki. he received a 2 month suspended sentence and a year's probation. in 1991 he was out drinking with his nephew the night that william kennedy smith was accused of rape. he won his last election in 2006, with 6
's a won day for america. >> she will be sworn in tomorrow and for the first time tv cameras will be aloud at the cerimony. >> continuing coverage of the sotomayor's confirmation. we have the latest coming up later this hour from washington. >>> still head celebrate cultural roofs. we're live at africa fes coming up next in our home town also in a variety of all natural seasonings. >> 6:10 now on fox 45 morning news. looking at a we were seeing cars moving along just nicely this morning. but is that really the case? candice is here to fill us in on the details and traffic edge report. good morning candice. >> thank you patrice. if you're heading out on the main lines we have a few gloinches talking about. naw accident to tell biewvment cars moving count town. as far as 79 5 , there's trouble. a crash on the southbound lanes at 695. this say new accident, crews are respond together scene as we speak. stick with right through town road as anl alternate riewvmentd heading through 695 all the liberty road. building with volume there on the inner and outer loop lanes. so far no significant issu
-sized pickups on the road. this is my truck. chevy silverado. america's best truck. >> round table this week. we were talking about -- remember when we left, i told you we were going to come back and i would tell you to tell a livestock producer or a grain producer what he needs to do in order to make money. i'm going to ask you first, brian. >> i will start with the grain producer. i think we look at this time of year, students are going back to school. i think producers want to be students of the market. by that i mean do what the market tells us. start with soy beans. offering a tremendous price for production off the combine. never seen. $10 soy beans offered off the combine before. the second part of that equation is there a is demand in the market encouraging them tosell at this time. the corn market i would say is just the opposite. there is good carry all the way out to next summer. 31, 32-cents out to the july contract. producer if they harvest a big crop want to lock in that carry because the carry can just go away between now and next summer if you don't lock it in the future markets.
and his cabinet, have read the tea leaves of america right now. they see that the american people are basically satisfied with their health insurance. they like their programs. they know they could be improved, but they don't want a government-run program. >> you think, senator shelby, we need public co-ops at all? >> well, i think that's something we should look at. we already have some of those, something like them, nonprofits basically that seem to work. i don't know if it will do everything that people want, but we ought to look at it. i think it's a far cry from the original proposals. >> senator conrad, you have been one of the democrats critical of the public option and perhaps the leading democrat in pushing the idea of a public co-op. explain briefly why the co-op would not be a government takeover and perhaps the public option would. >> you know, chris, i was given the responsibility to try and come up with something that would bridge the differences between those who are very much for a public option and those who are very much opposed to it. and what i came up with was
of carbon monoxide were found this their ocean city hotel room. the victims staying on the america an a hotel room on the boardwalk. were hospitallized yesterday with symptoms of carbon monoxide symptoms. there were no carbon monoxide detectors in the building even though it's required. >>> if something is happening in your community. we want you to share it with all of baltimore. up load videos or written stories. but at take. you can up load videos and pictures. >>> coming up they slide through the air with the greatest of ease. how you can honor the aircraft industry legend in our hometown hot spot. that is coming up > why are you acting like an airhead? >>> flying high. next wednesday is national aviation day and erica rouskesy joins us with more on what exactly that means. good morning to you. >> good morning, patrice. >> tell me about national aviation day, what happens on that day. >> national aviation day was or ville's wright's birthday. at the museum we celebrate that day from 11 to 3:00. there's going to be a lot of activities for kids hands on. ast
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some kind of green shoots in the housing market. the state of housing in america has been showing some small signs of stabilization ahead of this week's reports on home contruction and sales. while activity remains a fraction of what it was at the height of the boom 2 or 3 years ago, this summer has seen some indication of a pick-up. start with new construction. in the summer of 2005, new home starts were running at an annual clip of more than two million. just two years later, though, in 2007, new home construction had been cut by a third... and this summer, it's a quarter of what it was four years ago. however, the pace of building has picked up this spring and summer, rising three months in a row. the sales of those new homes also has picked up over the past few months rising two percent from april to may...and almost 11 percent from may to june. but the bigger picture shows just how far new home sales have fallen, down by two- thirds since the boomtimes in 2005. we may be seeing a few more new home buyers, in part, thanks to lower prices because while sales of new homes has
customers have all the necessary paperwork. the best economic news story in america is how the secretary of transportation has described the cash for clunkers program. here it is by the number: the program began with one billion dollars on july 27. two weeks late, congress okayed another $2 billion dollars and expected the money to last to early november. but by late last week, two-thirds of the money had been allocated, leading the department of transportation to close it down at 8 p-m eastern time monday. it has taken 29 days to burn through the three billion dollars. and what's been the impact on the auto industry? certainly sales have spiked and no fewer than five automakers have announced increase production to replenish dealers lots. g-m, ford, chrysler, along with toyota, honda and hyundai...all have bumped up production in response to demand. coming into this new week of trading the stock market close to 10 month highs lori living in with us at the cme group just a week ago creepers and downdraft in the market and nothing but a buyer since then. real strong move on friday a
. obama plan is bad for me and bad for america. >> a lot of americans are covered by government provided health insurance already. the va, medicare, medicaid. and i think, they have low cost of coverage. >> when the congressman said he plans to meet with groups of doctors and nurses later this month as he continues to focus on the health care reform bill. in kent county, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and senator ben cardin will hold a townhall meeting monday at the towson university at 7:00 in the evening. limited space and standing room will not be allowed. folks must rsvp to the e-mail address on the screen you are seeing right now if you wish to attend. the address, of course, is also on our website. /news links. >> meantime leaders like many (inaudible). >> of using quote swastica carrying brown shirt tactics, can the rhetoric be relvateed we pose pose the question to bob ehrlich. >> the way to get your point across is to do it respectfully. but strong. you can be very strong and respectful at the same time. and to the extent that people tend to get high h
. of the # hundred thousand mortgages held by bank of america, only 12% have been helped. six percent at wells fargo. despite the slow start, the white house still thinks the program will help up to four million homeowners by 2012. >> it's another test for the nation's retailers on thursday when they report just how much the registers have been springing up last month. the latest data on seem store sales show that most major retailers will continue posting poor results which they blame on cool and rainy weather this summer. they are forecasting july sales dropped five percent, which would mark 11 months in a row that same store sales have dropped. it could be a disappointing sign that the government stimulus efforts are not yet still getting through to retailers' bottom lines, especially with people still reluctant to spend money on things they may not need. and some analysts believe the government's cash for clunkers program may have taken a spotlight away from spending money on clothing and other items, but next month sales numbers could be better because august is when several states hold sales t
have soared, re-defining the american neighborhood. plus, america's stock watchdog could get more bite. we sit down with a top regulator and what the new rules may mean for investors. if the obama administration gets its way hundreds of thousands of money managers will have to sign up with uncle sam. the white house wants to greatly expand the net of the securities and exchange commission to include hedge funds and other private investment fund advisers. andrew donohue is with us now. he's the director of investment management at the securities and exchange commission. andrew nice to see you. welcome to the program. is the agency prepared for these perhaps thousands of new registrants? i think we're very capable of handling any mission were given. these advisers were and irs men would be 1000 or 2000 additional advisers for us to handle. we currently handled 11,000 plus investment advisers. and i don't mean to diminish the challenges we would wind up having but the investment advisers at the administration had suggested that we have responsibility for clearly in my view at the few of
. they shouldn't come to work and if a worker gets sick at work they should be asked to go home. >> in america we love to praise the puritan work ethic, and with reason. but this fall it would serve the country better to praise common sense and responsibility. >> the cdc says those people are experiencing flu-like symptoms must take home for at least 24 hours after the fever has dissipated. >>> no storms right new in the area but things could very well change tonight. >> it looks like we're seeing that heat and humidity out there once again and there's some showers and thunderstorms mainly in southern maryland, southwest of d.c. and southeast of d.c. we had a few strong thunderstorms down to our saint mary's county where we had a tornado warning about a half hour ago but that's since expired. making its way out not mouth of the day in the chesapeake bay and looks like it will stretch across south eastern portions of the state in maryland and virginia. so still a little bit of activity down there we're kind of keeping an eye on. but that shouldn't effect us. still a line of showers and thunderstor
dealerships across america have barely seen any of that cash... and for some it's turning into a cash crunch for business. here at highland ford.. just outside of chicago - they've sold about 60 new cars under the cash for clunkers program.. and they're now waiting for the cash. there are some car dealers in the chicago area that are waiting to get paid reportedly up to half a million dollars from the us government. that's why they're keeping the clunkers on their lots...not disabling the engine until after they get paid. i'm confident we'll get paid, just hope it's more timely payment al frisch president of highland ford says many car dealers will soon face a cash crunch if they don't get paid soon... some dealers even stopped selling new cars under the cash for clunkers program until they get paid. we're getting close to running out...right now maintain and continue to do business since cash for clunkers started at the end of july .. more than 400-thousand new cars were sold under the program.... car dealers say they were told it would be a 10 day turn around from the time they submitted p
it to compete for the conventions in america. we are now there. >> now a year after the city financed $305 million project is off and running. the audit books are opening. >> we are very satisfied with where we are. >> through a freedom of information request. fox 45 news obtained the audit of the city owned hotel. for the first 132 days it was open during calendar year 2008 it lost more than $17.1 million. j brody chairperson of the corporation, said the multi-million dollar deficit is a paper loss. >> it is not a real loss in terms of the way the taxpayers of baltimore, of which i am one, would do the checkbook every month. >> it is a real loss in the sense that they spend more than they made. >> the hotel corporation points to millions spent during start up. and the recession for the loss. total expenses top $34 million. but revenues for the 132 days it was open in 2008 were more than $18 million. including more than $6.8 million for rooms. and 3.9 million for food and beverage. >> to judge the performance in one year, the first year of operation, in a down year, would really be unfair.
of the biggest issuers such as bank of america and citigroup pumped up their solicitations in the second quarter compared to the first quarter....and all of the offers mailed out by the industry were for variable rate credit.... meaning, when the federal reserve raises rates, those credit card rates would head higher too. is been plenty of talk about terms of the economy in the market but with no wood in the month of all this because we haven't seen a lot of price action. like a big meal sitting back and letting things settle down a little bit in august. it's very constructive if you will digestion of last month begins we have basically traded these prices and the nasdaq every day this month. in one sense is positive but we have not been able to get much back. there's been a lot of bears on the floor at the cme a lot of locals think that you should sell into this continued strength but nonetheless it is continued strength. and are ready to sell and would just because one thing to realize is that growth testaments have been forced to be revised much higher that has caused a lot of room when the a
dysfunction get in the way. ♪ viva viagra! viagra, america's most prescribed ed treatment, can help you enjoy... a more satisfying sexual experience. ready to talk to your doctor? find out how at ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. don't take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain... as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting... more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away... if you experience a sudden decrease in vision or hearing. 20 million men have had the "viagra conversation." ask your doctor if viagra is right for you. ♪ viagra! . >> here is a final look at the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, looking at temperatures, hot again. 93 degrees. sun and clouds. with a 20 percent chance for scattered isolate showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon. and 92 on wednesday. and 91 on thursday. thunderstorms will continue. better chance for rain as the cold front approa
based on 120,000 interviews with students across america. some of it's findings may be a little bit of florida was ranked as having the best career services department, pomona college in california has the best classroom experience. other rankings are less surprising: brigham young university in utah was listed as most sober. franek not a believer in big name schools only the big leagues still have big payoffs, provided you can make it in. according to payscale. the average starting salaries for iv league undergraduates is $60,000/year. liberal arts and state schools lag behind with an average of $45,000/year. however, that doesn't mean smaller, schools won't give you your money's worth. devry president in the past 34 years, with close to a quarter of a million graduates, 90% of those graduates seeking our assistance were employed within six months. about 40% of our students come to us as college transfers so when they come to devry they are already passionate about getting in, getting out, and getting to work and with a thousand dollar tuition difference, devr
- ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction by j.d. power and associates. america's top rated internet--now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just $79.99 a month for 6 months. plus, for a limited time, a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. that's an overall savings of $240 dollars over six months. don't miss this unbeatable value 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v today. >> fda investigates over the counter weight loss drug that may cause liver damage. they received more than 30 reports so far from patient's taking alli and sen colonel. fda says for now patients should continue using the drug as directed by their doctor. >>> from idol judge to diva host. paula abdul gets her first job since leaving "american idol". vh 1 announce she will host the diva. special live concert raises funds for the music foundation and airs september 17. >>> jonas brother fills paula's idol seat. joe jonas joins simon, randy and kara as a guest judge in dallas. dallas is the fourth of 7 cities t
the ship. this was a 4 month humanitarian mission where they provided medical services in latin america and the caribbean. they treated more than 100,000 patients and conducted nearly 1700 surgeries. we spoke with nelson clark who was the acting command master chief aboard the ship. he left the ship in norfolk pause of anger. he talked about his experience. >> health services. ministry services. trying to rebuild their country. haiti was probably one of the roughest that we saw. but every country we saw great progress. great strides being made. our people helped do that. >>reporter: once again the u.s. ns comfort is in view and coming up at 10:00 we hear from family. until then reporting live in canton, canton, karen parks fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> 2 american journalist held captive in north korea are released tonight. ling and lee were pardoned following a request from former u.s. president bill clinton. mr. mr. clinton flew to north korea to negotiate their release. they have been held since march you may recall. both accused of illegally going there for a proposed smear
america favorite dancer on you think you can dance. it's to be a jam packed two hour event. if last year shocker is any indication at all you can expect some surprises tonight as the top 20 return for some show stopping numbers a and something from unexpected talent. how is that for a tease. see the finale episode tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here of course on fox 45. >>> ravens had a special guest ♪ [ female announcer ] arthritis targets your body where it's weak. where it's vulnerable. ♪ tylenol arthritis works with your body to block the pain, without interfering with certain high blood pressure medicines like aleve sometimes can. ♪ so you don't just feel better, you feel better knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. ♪ you can use it while you do just about anything. it molds better... it grips better... and seals better. you can even drink water with it on. crest whitestrips advanced seal. it's a breakthrough technology... that molds and adheres to your teeth better... you a dramatically whiter smile. whitening that fits any l
it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself today with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. >>> next on fox 45 morning news. >> he had some tattoos that would associate and identify himself with historically racist organizations. >> the suspect accused of a violent hate crime. what the charging documents show about the attack on an elderly fisherman. >>> concerns about swine flu. what you need to know to keep your kids safe as they head back to school. >>> and when will injured ravens linebacker terrell suggs return to the field? that is coming up in sports. >>> good morning. it's thursday, august 20th. i'm patrice harris. >>> it's another hot, muggy start to the day. meteorologist jessica starr is here to tell us if thattistics around or if we get some relief at anytime. >> i know. we got a couple of more days before the cold front pushes through to relief us of the hot and muggy temperatures that we have been dealing with in the last couple of days. >> it was so muggy when i left my house this morning that i thought it had rain. >> no, no rain last night. we will have sca
, to help you take a break from reality. treat yourself today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> the state fair is right around the corner and we've got a new dvd release to help you get ready for the annual event. candace has this week's low down. >> reporter: hi patrice. our first film takes place at a carnival. before you brush this to the side, let us remend you that the director of super bat has his hand on this project. you can take it for a ride when it comes out on dvd. >> it looks more like a -- >> this movie takes us back to 1987. we meet james a recent college grad who is trying to save up for a trip to europe. when he pick takes a job at an amusement park, he learns a few life lessons and quite a bit about love. >> you know, you're the only good thing that happened this summer. >> reporter: with saturday night live actors christian and the sow sound track from the yi, who wouldn't want to run to adventure land. >> i don't have much faith on words myself. >> reporter: we dare you to touch yourself against this guy, fox's latest drama lie to me. dr. cal lightman uses the most subtl
kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself with an authentic iced latte today for only $1.99. >>> now you can see his work on screen. his book the soloist is the inspiration for the movie starring and jamie foxx. steve is available to talk with us this morning. >> hi, candace, how are you? >> how are things in baltimore. >> we are great, thank you. >> we want to talk about something that is on your heart. it's a huge honor to watch this come to live on screen? >> yes, it's hard to believe. when i i wrote the first column five years ago, i had no idea that there would be a book in it and a movie based on the book. that is what happened and it's quite a great piece of work. it's made the whole experience all the more rewarding, because it's got enpowerful messages out there. i have been hearing from people all over the country who have gone to movie and e-mailed me to the la times. they tell me they have been inspired by the movie and they just want more information. the dvd may help out because there's a number of special features with more of the background information. >>
it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself with an authentic iced latte today for only $1.99. >>> stocks surged as the dow industrials reerased tuesday's 1% decline. the biggest drop in more than a month. the fueling the rally the federal reserve says although the economy is weak, it appears it has halted its decline. the central bankers left the interest rates at the record low, at a quarter of a 0. home prices tumbled 15.5% in the second quarter. but prices rose 4% compared to the first quarter of 2009. the up tick is an indication that economic activity is picking up. >>> the swiss bank and uaig hae settled. they went to court asking ubs for the names of 15,000 americans suspected of tax evasion. although details have yet to be released, the stement is expected to disclose thousands of names while still keeping switseswitzerland banking laws. for business brief, i'm stan case. >>> still ahead, get ready to jet set. find out how you can get a pass for unlimited swipes on jet blue. >>> it's being called one of the most peaceful protests on healthcare reform, at least on
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